Meet Eric: Bromilow Community Care’s Incredible Bus Driver!

February 21, 2023

Bromilow Community Care

Eric Moore is the perfect example of how your age shouldn’t define your ability to contribute to the workforce, especially at Bromilow Community Care!

At the age of 74 years old, Eric has recently joined our team as Bromilow Community’s newest bus driver!

Eric is a man of many talents, he is a VFL grand final winner and a life member of one of Australia’s most well-known sporting clubs.

Moore grew up in a little town called Coleraine which is a district in Victoria. In total, he has played 84 games for the Tigers which includes the 1969 premiership win before playing for the Sydney Swans.

“I am pretty fit for a 74-year-old, I walk every day and play golf. I guess I am lucky, a lot of my peers haven’t even made it, so while I can do something I am out having a crack.” He shared.

His role at Bromilow Community Care.

Eric enjoys his new role as it allows older Australians along the Sunshine Coast to have an outing and interact with one another.

“What it does is pick up the older people, or people who can’t get out, or to give their partner a rest, and take them out to different activities during the week. I pick them up and take them back,”

Many older Australians often find difficulty in securing roles due to ageism which is why Eric wants to become an advocate to demonstrate that age is just a number.

“I feel like I’m contributing to society. I hope that I can keep doing it for them.”

Eric usually works alongside a team of carers, bringing clients out for six-hour trips two to three days a week.

“I love it when they get out there – they all have a good old chin-wag and crack a couple of jokes and it’s very satisfying.

Eric was recommended to us by a family member of a client who attends our Bus Buddies program as they believed he would be a perfect addition to the team.

At Bromilow Community Care, we are grateful to receive ongoing support from our clients and their families, especially during a time when it is difficult to attract quality staff.

If you or someone you know are interested in working with us, please fill free to reach out to our expert team on 1300 158 242.

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