Keith and Robyn’s Referral Success Story

October 24, 2023

Robyn and Keith's Referral Success Story.

Meet our amazing clients Keith and Robyn who are happy to share their referral story with us. Keith is a man with a rich background and a deep appreciation for independence. Keith’s life journey has taken him from farming to public service, entrepreneurship, and back to farming again.

Along the way, he developed a profound love for horticulture, leading to his cherished nursery’s ownership. Despite retiring at the age of 63, Keith remains actively engaged, tending to his own orchard garden.

Keith’s friend, Robyn, is a retired high school teacher since 2013. Keith and Robyn share a passion for art, enjoying their creative pursuits, and nurturing beautiful gardens.

A Chance Encounter with Bromilow

Their journey with Bromilow began serendipitously. Keith’s assessment resulted in access to Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) initially, which quickly resulted in the allocation of a Level 2 Home Care Package to meet his ongoing needs, with Bromilow chosen as his care provider.

Keith could not have been happier! When Robyn’s Home Care Package was approved, through Keith’s referral, she joined Bromilow. Both were genuinely impressed by Bromilow’s approach and professionalism, with a focus on listening to what they, the client needed, working with them to ensure there was a full understanding of how those needs could be best met!

The Positive Impact of Bromilow’s Support through a Referral

Keith and Robyn really wanted to stay independent for as long as possible and that’s the start of this successful referral story. Bromilow’s help has made a big difference in their lives. The support they received from Bromilow encompassed various aspects of their daily routines.

From assistance with household tasks to transportation needs and personal care, Bromilow has been there to provide a helping hand every step of the way. The support from Bromilow gave them the confidence and security to continue living independently.

For Keith, one of the most valuable aspects of Bromilow’s support was the peace of mind it brought. Knowing that there was a reliable and caring team ready to assist whenever needed was a source of great comfort. It meant that they didn’t have to face life’s hurdles alone. This assurance played a crucial role in maintaining their mental and emotional well-being.

One of the cornerstones of Bromilow’s support for Keith and Robyn is the unwavering sense of confidence and security it imparts. This reassurance is not merely practical but deeply emotional, shaping the way they approach life. The knowledge that a dedicated and dependable team stands ready to provide assistance whenever needed is a source of profound comfort. It is a pillar of strength that bolsters their resolve, affirming that they need not face life’s inevitable hurdles alone.

Inspired to spread care and joy?

If Keith’s referral story resonates with you and you’re looking to make a positive change in the lives of your loved ones, neighbours, or friends, consider joining our Refer a Friend Program. Through a referral to Bromilow Community Care, you get rewarded for helping others experience guaranteed quality services with their Home Care Package.

When you refer a friend or family member to Bromilow Community Care, both you and the person you refer can earn an extra $150 in your Home Care Package account.

If you are already a client with Bromilow Community Care, you can inform your Care Manager about a friend who would like to sign up. This is a great way to help your friend or family member get the same quality care and services that you have been experiencing.

If you know someone who is not with Bromilow Community Care but would like to learn more about our services, you can call our Care Expert team at 1300 840 696. They will be happy to answer any questions your friend or family member may have and help them get started with the referral process.

For more information about our Refer a Friend Program and the benefits it offers, feel free to get in touch with our experienced Care Experts on 1300 840 969.

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