Living life to the fullest

Listening to Enid Curtis share her weekly schedule, it is clear that she lives each day to the fullest. With a love for baking, craft, nature walks and volunteering, she is never at a loss for ideas and inspiration.

Originally from Brisbane, Enid met her husband, Tony Curtis, at age 17 when they both worked at the Courier Mail. She made the sea change to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 and has been a Bromilow client for nine years. She considers her carer, Lorraine, to be family.

“Lorraine is very special to me,” says Enid. “She comes every Thursday and it makes my day. I see Bromilow as my extended family. Lorraine sometimes brings her dog, Mr Squiggles, to visit and I love his cuddles. He reminds me of our gorgeous family dog, Chloe.”

With Lorraine by her side, Enid declares Thursdays are for exploring.

“Lorraine and I always do something different. Perhaps we will go shopping and have lunch on the beach or choose a new nature walk,” says Enid. “We are always looking for new spots to explore. Our favourite walks are along the coastline at Meridan Plains Waterway, Currimundi and Golden Beach.”

Never one to wait for life to come to her, Enid enjoys simple moments amidst the gentle hustle and bustle of coast life.

“Sometimes I just get on a bus and go to Bulcock Beach and dip my toes in the water, then grab some fish and chips before heading home. I just love being outdoors, doing things.”

While the Sunshine Coast has captured Enid’s heart, she will always have a place in her heart for her home of Brisbane, where she and Tony married on 17 June, 1961, and raised their daughter and son together.

“We were then blessed with three gorgeous granddaughters, Makayla, Olivia and Natalie, and also now two great-grandchildren,” Enid shares. “I am grateful to have a special relationship with my granddaughters as I used to take them caravanning every school holidays to Rainbow Beach. We would even take our little dog, Chloe.”

Enid’s love for spending time with her children and grandchildren inspired her to later become a kindergarten teacher and Sunday school teacher.

“Children are very special to me. There’s something about them; they are so creative and full of joy,” she says.

Enid recalls that she was recently browsing in the Salvation Army op shop in Caloundra when a little girl came up to her.

“We were both looking at a wig and she asked me to put it on, so I did and she said, ‘No, take it off. I think you’re beautiful without that wig.’ And I nearly cried; how lovely for that little girl to say that.”

Enid enjoys regular trips with her Bromilow friends to visit children at Milford Lodge Childcare Centre in Buderim, which suits Enid to a tee, as it is a family-owned centre with plenty of heart that is surrounded by acreage and lush gardens, and sustains chickens, guinea pigs, birds and ponies.

Enid loves to be with animals. In the morning, she feeds the native birds in her garden and hand-feeds four magpies. “There are 10 1butcher birds which are cheeky and confident enough to sit on my lap,” she laughs.

She also keeps active and social within her retirement village and beyond, volunteering with Kairos Prison Ministry of Australia helping women in need, and also doing art and cross-stitch beading craft.

“What’s more, I’m lucky that my brother is a picture framer in Brisbane, so he frames my beading work. His daughter is opening a gallery in Wynnum and they will display my work. Won’t that be fun!

“I love my life. There is so much I am grateful for.”