Dementia Care.

Dementia Care Specialists

Enhancing the Life of People with Dementia

Underlying the Bromilow Community Care Dementia Care Program is a person and family-centred care approach that is tailored to the abilities and changing needs of each person affected by the disease. Our program also respects the cultural values and traditions of each family and considers family members to be part of the care team.

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Personal and Family-Centred Dementia Care.

Dementia Champions

Bromilow’s Dementia Champions are a small team of highly trained carers that have excellent knowledge and skills in the care of people with dementia, all holding formal Dementia qualifications. They advocate for people with dementia and are a source of information and support for all those involved in dementia care.

Our Dementia Champions work with our nurses and coordinators to develop dementia specific support for our clients and a person-centred culture in dementia care delivery. Bromilow staff receive on-going training in dementia care through workshops, webinars, conferences and courses, ensuring that they deliver the highest quality dementia care to our clients and are up to date with the current best practices.

Therapeutic Leisure Planning

At Bromilow, we offer a client specific Therapeutic Leisure Care Plan (TLCP) to people living with dementia.

This plan helps our staff to gain an insight into each client’s history, likes, dislikes and significant life events, from childhood through to the present day, culminating in a true sense of the individual.

We incorporate daily tasks, hobbies, leisure interests and even personal care tasks into their TLCP, helping them to feel valued and productive.

Dementia Friendly Communities

A dementia-friendly community is one that supports people living with dementia to remain active within that community. At Bromilow, we are currently involved in a working group that is committed to developing Buderim into a dementia-friendly community.

Working with the local council and local organisations, community groups, businesses and individuals, we hope to create an environment where people with dementia can continue to participate in social outings and remain connected to and active within the Buderim community.

Predictions of future dementia prevalence in Buderim highlight the need for a proactive stance towards the establishment of Buderim as a dementia-friendly community. Projections show the State Electoral District (SED) of Buderim will have the third highest prevalence of dementia in Queensland by 2050.

Sunshine Coast Dementia Network

The SCDN Community website was developed with the assistance of Bromilow and aims to connect people with people, as well as with places, events and organisations in their local community that offer dementia information, training, care and support.

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