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Bromilow’s service models embrace new and emerging technologies, what we call 'Life Enhancing Technology Services’(LETS), providing flexible support options to allow you greater independence and control of your life as part of our LETS Help program. 

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Assistive technology is the use of equipment and devices to promote functional independence and re-enablement to enable the elderly to remain independent while living safely in their own homes for longer. Incorporating portable tools and gadgets, home adaptations, environmental controls and connective technologies such as telehealth and other monitoring services clients are able to manage their own activities of daily living, social connections, health and well-being thus empowering them to maintain control over their own lives.

Assistive technologies truly support Bromilow's stated goal with clients to 'maintain your independence and lifestyle'.

Benefits of Assistive Technology

Benefits from the use of assistive technology include but are not limited to:

  • Improved quality of life for clients
  • Stabilising and enhancing health
  • Safer mobility
  • Improved security and peace of mind for relatives and friends
  • Increasing communication and social interaction with family, friends and the wider community
  • Timely responses to emergencies
  • Relief/respite for primary carers

The Bromilow LETS Help program supports you to achieve your goals. We extensively incorporate the use of assistive and enabling technologies in the support options available to our clients. Bromilow’s technology solutions give you real choice and control about how you want to live your life. Appropriate use of technology can make a world of difference to your quality of life.

For further video demonstrations or information on the LETS Help program or the types of assistive technology available, visit the Assistive Technology Catalogue/Prices page, the Bromilow Youtube Channel or contact Julie Hay, Bromilow's Assistive Technologies Manager.





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What our clients say

  • I must commend Kerry to you. She was here today and did a wonderful job of looking after dad, making some delicious chicken curry, a tasty coffee cake, and some rissoles! She is very competent, especially when it comes to cooking! Mum’s very glad we have her.

    Mrs. S

  • I want to thank you for sending L to assist us - she is absolutely amazing.  She is a lovely woman who is very efficient. She just comes into our home and gets on with her work.  She is so delightful and we are very happy with her.

    Mr. & Mrs. R

  • I want to compliment CG – she went the extra mile on the weekend for me. She helped me get ready for church and she fussed over me and made me feel special.

    Mr. T

  • Your care AM is wonderful with my husband, in the way she interacts with him and the meaningful activities she engages him in.

    Mrs. N

  • Thank you for our services. Your care worker, J, is a very special person. She has a great deal of empathy which is hard to come by these days.

    Mrs. P

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