Positive Ageing

Positive ageing - celebrate the journey!

Ageing is often associated with many rewarding experiences. Growing older is certainly something to be celebrated. As a person grows older, they have more time to spend with family, go on trips, do the hobbies they love, or learn something they’ve always pined to know how to do.

It is, however, also a time when significant changes might occur. For example, some people experience changes in physical functioning, social networks, employment, and bereavement can become more common. Keeping a positive attitude toward ageing is particularly important as it allows you to continue to feel good and have a sense of control as you face another part of the life cycle. As people age it is natural for them to move in and out of periods of positive ageing. Those who age positively live longer and healthier lives, and enjoy a good quality of life.

Positive ageing is a term used to describe the process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you age.

The approach at Bromilow Home Support Services is to support and encourage our clients to live as independently as possible and to embrace all the opportunities that are on offer for older people, not only within the local and extended community, but also as part of the service range that Bromilow offers.

Ageing is something that we should all celebrate; after all, it is better than the alternative! Increasing in age is a positive thing because:

  • When you’re older you have more financial sense. As we age, we learn that money is not everything. We also become smarter about the way we manage money and the things that we spend it on.
  • People get smarter as they get older. As you age, your brain expands so that all of your life skills, experiences, information learned and observations come together to help you see the world in a new, smarter light.
  • You become more at peace with yourself. Gone are the worries of youth and you come to realise that worrying is useless. The people who love you will love you, and those who don’t really don’t matter. This can inspire a fresh new feeling of confidence and happiness as you get older allowing you to become more at ease and at peace with who you are.
  • You become the go to person for advice. Because of your experience and lessons learned, you become the person people want to go to for advice. This brings you into the minds, hearts and social circle of younger generations allowing you to feel younger again.
  • You get to tell more stories. When you age, you are better equipped to have fun and interact with others of all ages telling your stories and sharing your life experiences. People love to hear about strange and fun events. When you are older, you have more great stories to share giving you a natural glow and a natural feeling of energy and vitality.


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The links on this page will transport you to a world in which older people do wonderful things, where the world recognises and celebrates the contribution and achievements of older people, and where we can all stop and reflect on the true meaning of growing older.



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What our clients say

  • I must commend Kerry to you. She was here today and did a wonderful job of looking after dad, making some delicious chicken curry, a tasty coffee cake, and some rissoles! She is very competent, especially when it comes to cooking! Mum’s very glad we have her.

    Mrs. S

  • I want to thank you for sending L to assist us - she is absolutely amazing.  She is a lovely woman who is very efficient. She just comes into our home and gets on with her work.  She is so delightful and we are very happy with her.

    Mr. & Mrs. R

  • I want to compliment CG – she went the extra mile on the weekend for me. She helped me get ready for church and she fussed over me and made me feel special.

    Mr. T

  • Your care AM is wonderful with my husband, in the way she interacts with him and the meaningful activities she engages him in.

    Mrs. N

  • Thank you for our services. Your care worker, J, is a very special person. She has a great deal of empathy which is hard to come by these days.

    Mrs. P

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