Bromilow client Arleen is trialling a new tablet computer interface platform called Breezie. Brought out in partnership with Samsung, Breezie ‘s simplified interface removes the complexities of communications and app navigation making it very easy for those with little or no computer experience to browse the web, send email, video chat and more.

Arleen had never used a computer or tablet before, never sent an email, or even accessed the internet.  After less than one week with the Breezie device and no training Arleen reports she is now “one of those people”,  what people you may ask?  “The ones who can’t get their nose out of the internet, I am always on it now”.

Arleen also proudly stated she is sending emails for the first time in her life, and getting ones in return.  She also enjoys doing crosswords on her tablet and can listen to music from her favourite radio station through the tablet.  Breezie has been operating in the UK and USA for some time now, however Arleen is the first person in Australia to trial the technology thanks to Vita Enterprise Solutions and Bromilow Home Support Services.

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