Subsidised Services

Bromilow is extensively involved in a number of Government subsidised community care programs, both at a Commonwealth and State level.

These include:




Home Care Package services are planned and coordinated packages of care to help older people remain living in their own homes. They are funded by the Australian Government to provide for the complex care needs of older people.

Bromilow has been providing Home Care Package services on the Sunshine Coast since 1995.

Home Care Package services are very flexible and are designed to help with individual care needs.

The types of support that may be provided as part of a package include help with:

  • Bathing, showering or personal hygiene
  • Social support
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • In-home respite
  • Meal preparation, and
  • Medication monitoring

Clients can also access allied health services and other support options as part of their package of care.

It is important to know that the services provided can change as care needs change.

To receive a Home Care Package, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess you. These specialists will determine whether your needs can be best met by an appropriate level of Packaged Care. The ACAT assessment is free. Home Care Packages start at Level 1 for people with less need of support and go through to Level 4 for those people with higher support needs. 

All Home Care Packages operate on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis. Every Packaged Care client has an individual budget based on their specific goals and needs. 

Once accepted onto the Packaged Care service, an individual care plan is designed to best meet the specific needs and goals of individual clients. Bromilow will discuss with you, your family or representatives the various support options available to assist with your care needs and goals. Services are available 7 days a week.

Bromilow's service delivery aims to support you to achieve your goals. Our support is designed to encourage your preferred level of independence with services empowering you to be as in control of your life as you desire.

Bromilow has a range of assistive and enabling technologies, what we call 'Life Enhancing Technologies’, which we will discuss with you that you may choose to use in achieving your goals.

The Commonwealth Department of Health sets the maximum fee for Home Care Package services. The fee for these service is means tested for each individual person and is based on their pension status. An inability to afford the fee does not prevent someone accessing Home Care Package services.



The Home and Community Care Program is a basic home help program funded by the State Governments to provide support and assistance for those people under the age of 65 and their family carers.

Bromilow’s HACC services include: 

  • in-home respite
  • social support and
  • household care

HACC services are also designed to assist the carers of younger people with a disability. 

Bromilow’s fee for HACC services is currently $10.00 per hour.



The Veterans' Home Care program (VHC) is designed to help war veterans and their widows to continue living at home by providing a small amount of practical help. The program is funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

VHC is not designed to meet complex or high-level care needs. VHC is similar to the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) which veterans may also access.

DVA has contracted organisations to provide assessment and coordination of VHC services (known as VHC Assessment Agencies) and contracted organisations to deliver VHC services (known as VHC Service Providers) across Australia. Bromilow is a contracted Service Provider with DVA.

Bromilow’s VHC services include:

  • household cleaning
  • home maintenance (such as window cleaning or cleaning out gutters)
  • in-home respite and
  • unaccompanied shopping

Veterans wishing to access VHC services must first contact their local VHC Assessment Agency. The contact number for the local Sunshine Coast VHC Assessment Agency is 1300 550 450. The Agency will advise Bromilow once it has approved a veteran for service and Bromilow then will contact the veteran to clarify the veteran’s specific needs and put the service in place.

The fee set by DVA for VHC services is usually $5.00 per visit.



The Veterans Community Nursing program provides veterans, war widows and widowers with access to community nursing services in their own home to meet their assessed clinical and/or personal care needs.

The goal of this program is to ensure that clients may avoid early hospital and/or residential care admission by utilising community nursing services which promote enhanced independence and health outcomes for each individual.

These services will be delivered by a range of health professionals including registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and nursing support staff.

What types of care can you expect?

  • Initial/ongoing assessments, care planning and reviews
  • Personal Care
  • Nursing Care


  • Services to be delivered by passionate, professional and caring individuals who are driven to provide the best possible care for each individual
  • Services delivered by Health professionals who provide care in a way which reflects up to date, evidence based best practice interventions reflecting each individual’s assessment and needs.
  • Assistance with arranging allied health referrals and follow up of these services.

How do I know if I am eligible to access DVA community nursing?

How can I access DVA Community Nursing?

For more information on how Bromilow may assist you through the DVA Community Nursing program please visit our DVA Community Nursing page or call our office on 07 5445 5676.



The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Services are designed to support people aged 65 years and over or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over.

One aim of the CHSP is to support older people who are mostly, but not completely, able to live and cope on their own, and do not yet need higher levels of support to remain living at home. Another aim of the CHSP is to contribute to the support and maintenance of caring relationships between carers and their dependent family members or friends by facilitating access to respite care and other support appropriate to their individual needs and circumstances, and those of the people for whom they care.

If you are an older person who requires support with housework or access to community activities, for example, CHSP services can assist you. Similarly, if you are caring for a person who needs help with various tasks at home or in the community, it is often rewarding but can also present challenges. With this in mind, you may need some extra help every now and then, including a short break from your caring role. This is where the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) may be able to help.

The CHSP provides access to a variety of support services, including in-home respite and 24 hour respite care. As well as helping you, the CHSP can also help the person you care for by providing extra social opportunities. So, it's good for both of you.

Bromilow’s CHSP services are very flexible. Support may include assistance with personal care, domestic cleaning, respite care, social support and shopping. A significant component of Bromilow’s CHSP program focuses on supporting clients to access community activities and personal interests so that they can re-establish or maintain contact with the important strands of their lives.

CHSP services attract a government subsidy. The maximum fee under the CHSP is currently $10.00 per hour for full pensioners, and $15.00 per hour for part pensioners (although fees do attract loadings on weekends and public holidays). Inability to afford the full fee does not prevent carers from accessing CHSP services.

Feel free to contact one of Bromilow's Regional Service Coordinators to discuss your individual needs and how Bromilow may be able to assist you. Bromilow’s Regional Service Coordinators will happily discuss your needs and goals and recommend the support option that best suits you.



For more information call us today on 07 5445 5676 or  

What our clients say

  • I must commend Kerry to you. She was here today and did a wonderful job of looking after dad, making some delicious chicken curry, a tasty coffee cake, and some rissoles! She is very competent, especially when it comes to cooking! Mum’s very glad we have her.

    Mrs. S

  • I want to thank you for sending L to assist us - she is absolutely amazing.  She is a lovely woman who is very efficient. She just comes into our home and gets on with her work.  She is so delightful and we are very happy with her.

    Mr. & Mrs. R

  • I want to compliment CG – she went the extra mile on the weekend for me. She helped me get ready for church and she fussed over me and made me feel special.

    Mr. T

  • Your care AM is wonderful with my husband, in the way she interacts with him and the meaningful activities she engages him in.

    Mrs. N

  • Thank you for our services. Your care worker, J, is a very special person. She has a great deal of empathy which is hard to come by these days.

    Mrs. P

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