By Paul Hawting. Bromilow’s CEO

bromilow your brain matters

bromilow your brain matters


To lead a brain healthy life you need to look after your brain, your body and your heart – the earlier the better. Scientific research suggests that leading a brain healthy life may reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia later in life. Looking after your heart, keeping fit, social engagement and following a healthy diet can all help to keep our brains healthy.


There are no guarantees however, as dementia cannot yet be prevented or cured but evidence does show that people can reduce their risk for dementia and other chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer by adopting healthy lifestyles.


Another important way to maintain a healthy brain is to exercise it. Try doing regular mind games such as crosswords or Sudoku. There are also many apps that you can download to your mobile device or computer. One of these is Lumosity, a brain training program that has been specifically designed by scientists for use on mobile devices and computers. I use it myself and it’s a lot of fun while also challenging me. Check it out on the Lumosity website at

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